Trainers don’t want to be hassled with the sourcing of IT equipment for their delegates. Let Qrent take care of these equipment requirements and allow your trainers to focus on delivering the highest level of training.

When it comes to in-house training, you wont need to borrow computers or laptops from your employees’ desks for the duration of the training program or incur unnecessary expenses by purchasing dedicated training hardware. We will supply the specified equipment directly to the training venue, releasing the IT department from this responsibility.


Why choose Qrent for your training needs?

  • Superb quality rental equipment
  • Flexible time-frames
  • Unmatched client services
  • Unmatched delivery services
  • All our equipment goes through an extensive Quality Control Process
  • You only pay for the equipment you need and only for the time you need it
  • We service South Africa, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Zambia