Sustainable IT

Electronic waste is becoming a global issue, with much of it sent to landfills, where toxic metals can pose environmental risks. As the UN’s 2030 deadline for sustainable development change fast approaches, organisations need to take a hard look at their strategies to deal with e-waste and start adopting principles of the circular economy that is aimed at the continual use of resources and eliminating waste

At Qrent, we understand the impact that technology has on the environment and have come up with a sustainable and efficient solution to recycle, repair, and re-use our equipment to extend its useful life. Our refurbishment process is a meticulous procedure that puts our machines through a thorough data destruction process, refurbishes machines inside and out, and makes all the necessary aesthetic changes.

At the end of this process, is a stronger machine that is faster and has current software with upgraded specs that we put back into the secondary market. As the life cycle of our equipment is extended, our rental offering offers businesses a cost-effective solution to access the technology they need for their business at up to 40% less compared to a new device. You get more from your IT budget and make IT more sustainable.