Peak Seasons


Do you need to bring in temporary relief staff to cope with seasonal peaks? Qrent will supply your temporary staff with appropriate equipment for the duration of their assignment. This lowers your operational costs and eliminates stockpiling of costly and superfluous equipment.

Why commit cash outlay for ICT hardware on a project that has a short or indefinite life span? With the Qrent equipment solution, you’ll  have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your’re paying for equipment only for as long as its need by the project team.


Why choose Qrent for your short term rental needs?

  • Superb quality rental equipment
  • Flexible time-frames
  • Unmatched client services
  • Unmatched delivery services
  • All our equipment goes through an extensive Quality Control Process
  • You only pay for the equipment you need and only for the time you need it
  • We service South Africa, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Zambia


For a tailored rental solution, call us today to speak to a consultant .