Long Term IT Rentals


The initial expenditure to equip your offices with computer hardware and other devices can be costly. With the rapid changes in a business environment, many businesses are under pressure to spend less and increase margins. Renting IT equipment on a long term rental model instead of purchasing it, is an inexpensive solution that will help you access technology at up to half the price of new. At Qrent, you can rent anything from computers (laptops and desktops) to monitors and printers for up to 36 months.

Our cost cutting solution can be deployed in certain areas of the business such as:

  • Call Centres
  • Corporate Administrative Areas
  • School IT Labs
  • Computer Training Centres
  • Franchises
  • Universities etc.

Appropriating the correct equipment hired to the right user and environment, will help you avoid wasting money on expensive and underutilized IT equipment. Avoid the drama and delay of making complicated decisions on unnecessary investments and high premiums – give Qrent a call for the desired solution.


Why choose Qrent for your long term rental needs?

  • We have a large stockholding of similar brand and spec equipment, so you wont need to mix and match
  • You can save up to 50% on hardware costs with rentals being significantly cheaper than purchasing brand new equipment
  • All our equipment goes through an extensive Quality Control Process
  • Preserve your credit lines with Qrent funding rental products on its own balance sheet and avoid third party involvement
  • We are flexible and willing to negotiate individually structured agreements for each client
  • A 3 year warranty is all included on all our rentals