Long Term IT Rentals


The ongoing debate over renting vs buying PC’s seldom falls in favour of renting. The perception has always been that new computers are better. Often quoted reasons are that new machines are fast, reliable, and still under warranty. Did you know however, that you can get the same from a refurbished computer at up to half the price of new?

At Qrent, our refurbishment process is a meticulous procedure that puts our machines through a thorough data destruction process, refurbishes machines inside and out, and makes all the necessary aesthetic changes. At the end of this process, is a stronger machine that’s faster and has current software with upgraded specs.

Renting IT equipment from us is an economical way to obtain the technology you need at a fraction of the up-front cost. Businesses can also budget accordingly, as payments are spread evenly over the rental period.

Our equipment can be deployed in any area of your business you see fit. We have a large stockholding of high quality, similar brand and spec equipment, so you won’t need to mix and match. We offer a full component replacement warranty on all our equipment. Should something happen, we will send you replacement units, so you can continue working.


Why choose Qrent for your long term rental needs?

  • You can save up to 50% on hardware costs with rentals being significantly cheaper than purchasing brand new equipment
  • All our equipment goes through an extensive Quality Control Process
  • Preserve your credit lines with Qrent funding rental products on its own balance sheet and avoid third party involvement
  • We are flexible and willing to negotiate individually structured agreements for each client
  • A 3 year warranty is all included on all our rentals


For a tailored rental solution, call us today to speak to a consultant.