Laptop Rentals


Processor Ram HDD
i3 4GB 250GB
i5 4GB 250GB
i7 8GB 500GB

At Qrent we offer affordable laptop hire for short or long term rentals. You choose the brand, specifications, as well as the rental period. Our offering includes brands such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Toshiba etc.

You can hire from as little as 10 laptops to as many as 1000 or more laptops of the same brand and specification.  No matter what project you’re working on or what your business requirements are, Qrent will provide you with a reliable and affordable laptop solution.

We provide laptops to small, medium and large companies for various occasions such as normal day to day business operations, conferences, private events, short term projects or training sessions.

Qrent offers rental support where we will swap out the machine or components if you have technical problems with any of the equipment you hire from us. Qrent also offers insurance and for large orders, spare units. Be assured that should there be a machine or a hardware glitch, you will have full technical support to get up and running again.

Contact Qrent today for your ideal laptop hire solution.