How much do you charge?

The rate depends on the specification, quantity, duration of rental and location.

Do I need a deposit?

Yes, this is only required the first time you do business with us. The security deposit is calculated on value of equipment & duration of rental.

I am an individual, can I rent from you?

Your business should be registered as we only rent out to corporates.

What is your geographic footprint?

Our Offices and distribution warehouse is based in Johannesburg. However, our services are available nationwide, we can deliver to companies throughout SA.

What are your delivery time frames?

We take 1-2 working days to deliver, for bulk order the time frame might require more days.

How do I know my machines are in good working condition?

Click here to view our Quality Grading System.

What if I want to keep the assets for longer?

You have an option to extend your contract or return the goods.

What are the minimum and maximum rental periods at Qrent?

You can rent our equipment from a day to 6 Months. We also offer long term rentals which are from 12-36 months.

Why do I need to send company documents?

We require documents to build your profile on our database and to ensure we have accurate information as a legal requirement.

What happens to my data when I return my computers?

All assets which are returned follow a data destruction procedure which is in    accordance with POPI compliance

Can I cancel my lease at any time?

Yes, but you will be required to settle your balance as per the terms and condition of signed agreement.