Desktop Rentals


Processor Ram HDD
i3 4GB 250GB
i5 4GB 250GB
i7 8GB 500GB

Qrent is a reliable rental supplier of Dell, HP and many other desktop computers. We offer quick, reliable and affordable solutions. Our desktop PC rental solution is ideal for customers in call centers, administrative areas, computer training centres, small, medium and large companies or school labs. You can rent out a full solution which includes a desktop, monitor, keyboard and mouse.

Qrent owns the equipment at our warehouse, which eliminates third party interference, ensuring that the equipment is easily available to you. All you need to do is fill out some simple paperwork, and we will deliver the desktop computers to your offices or venue of choice.

Qrent offers after rental support such as rental warranty where we will swap out the machine or components immediately if you have technical problems with any of the computers you hire from us. Qrent also offers insurance and, for large orders, spare units.

Our affordable desktop solutions and technical support means you’ll have access to a computer that works well as a tool to get the job done, saving you time and money.

Contact Qrent today for your perfect desktop computer hire solution.