Asset Tracking

Our V-Track™ asset tracking software is an accurate and affordable IT Asset Management solution that audits, tracks and monitors IT assets across the business units within the organisation.

​With V-Track™, you can get a complete view of your entire organisations IT assets with valuable data collected and displayed on a web interface and presented as meaningful and useful information.

Our solution understands the complexities that can arise when an organisation’s rented IT assets are not managed effectively. The rental model has numerous advantages, but it requires effective, efficient IT Asset Management to ensure compliance and control.

When renting IT assets, you need to know where they are to ensure that they are returned on time, and by the right person. IT asset management is crucial as every IT asset must be tracked across location, return date and status.

V-Track™ does all of this for you – tracking and managing IT assets regardless of whether they are rented or purchased.